Supply Chain Solutions

Either you are sourcing or buying from Indonesia, we can help you with your logistics. From price quotations, distributor screenings, to the distribution strategies, we prepared you to operate efficiently in the Indonesian archipelago.

Our supply chain solutions packages can help you to save time in dealing with distributors and warehouses screening, route optimizations, and give you the best quotations for Indonesian vendors. Our efficient way of doing business will save you the hassle of bad deals and delays.

We have the certified supply chain team who can help you to manage challenges  – guaranteeing the quality of the outcome for every solution you purchased.

Reach out to us to get samples of the prominent logistic players in Indonesia.

Sourcing Package

  • Market overview
  • Key players
  • Pricing points
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Key figures

Logistic Package

  • Market overview
  • Key players
  • Pricing points
  • Transport / inventory / warehouse analysis
  • Supplier screening & evaluations
  • Key figures

Supply Chain Package

  • Extended market overview
  • Key players
  • Operation analysis (thorough material flow)
  • Partner screening & evaluations
  • After sales & reverse logistics
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Key figures

Package Descriptions

  • We provide affordable, reliable, and time sensitive snapshots for businesses before entering Indonesian market
  • We deliver business insights from native professionals
  • We obtained knowledge from international and local database subscriptions
  • We can deliver package in the language you preferred (English / German / Indonesian)*

* Only available for the customized market study package

Pricing & Request

  • Consult your budget with us, we charge you at efficient hourly basis
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Phone: +49 160 994 71772