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IndoBusiness has been founded by two Indonesian professionals who are living in Germany. In the current years, they saw a huge potential in between Germany and Indonesia to do business together, as they receive some requests for South East Asia market studies. They founded IndoBusiness to accommodate European market demands for establishing the strategy for emerging market entries.

IndoBusiness has partnered with German and Indonesians institutions alike to bring the fusion of German-Indonesian business experts in wide arrays of Industries including commodities, retails, manufactures, services, trading, and research.

Indobusiness is your trusted partner to bridge businesses between Europe and Asia, particularly Indonesia. Indobusiness provides objective market study, marketing strategy, and overall supply chain solutions. Our aim is to help you entering emerging market with the most efficiency and calculated strategy. We are the generalist, who can address your needs – both in strategic and detailed requests. Please follow the next links to know more about us.


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