Market Research Packages

The market development package emphasizes important highlights on companies facts, market insights, and the current trends, such as recent acquisition, share price from time-to-time, and the recent open tenders.

Our experts can get insider information that usually hard to obtain with secondary research. Most importantly, each of the packages is time and budget sensitives.

Reach out to us to get samples for many prominent Indonesian players.

Market Excerpt (4 hours)

  • Market overview
  • Key players
  • Pricing points
  • Key figures

Market in depth (8 – 12 hours)

  • Extended market overview
  • Competition overview
  • Pricing & cost points
  • Key figures
  • Business Journals

Customized Market Study

  • Extended market & competition overview
  • Pricing & cost analysis
  • Business journals & forecast
  • SWOT analysis
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Customized request

Package Descriptions

  • We provide affordable, reliable, and time sensitive snapshots for businesses before entering Indonesian market
  • We deliver business insights from native professionals
  • We obtained knowledge from international and local database subscriptions
  • We can deliver package in the language you preferred (English / German / Indonesian)*

* Only available for the customized market study package

Pricing & Request

  • Consult your budget with us, we charge you at efficient hourly basis
  • Place your request at:


Phone: +49 160 994 71772