Marketing Strategy

Entering an emerging market like Indonesian market is not as simple as we have thought. Many of European businesses underestimate the abilities of smaller parts of their business strategy, including their marketing. Starting from a simple but it is one of the powerful marketing tools – website. European business websites are built and content with many details and explanations whereas these details are not necessarily useful for another target market in the emerging countries. It needs to be handled differently in order to reach and leverage the key performance indicators.

IndoBusiness could support your business to expand and entering Indonesian market by creating comprehensive and unique online/offline marketing strategy that extinguished from other. Complimented with both Indonesian and German practical experiences, our team will help you establish applicable marketing strategy that tailored to your business.

Online Marketing Package

  • Website SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of the competitors' websites
  • Target group analysis
  • Best Practices and Website Optimization
  • Key figures
  • Extended: Online Marketing Tools

Social Media Package

  • Useful Key Performance Indicators
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing Channel Competitive Analysis
  • Proven methods of social media marketing
  • Key figures

Offline Marketing Package

  • SWOT Analysis
  • 5C’s and 7P’s Marketing Analysis
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Consumer buying behavior
  • Key figures

Package Descriptions

  • We provide affordable, reliable, and time sensitive snapshots for businesses before entering Indonesian market
  • We deliver business insights from native professionals
  • We obtained knowledge from international and local database subscriptions
  • We can deliver package in the language you preferred (English / German / Indonesian)*

* Only available for the customized market study package

Pricing & Request

  • Consult your budget with us, we charge you at efficient hourly basis
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