Olga Florentyna-Schneider, MBA - CEO

Olga Florentyna-Schneider believes that the world has more to offer to her. She obtained an MBA degree in a top-notch university in Germany. During her study in Germany, she has worked in an international media analysis company in Cologne and in a global consulting firm in Düsseldorf.

Prior to that, she gained her professional experience just after she finished her first degree in Indonesia. She started working in a multinational advertising agency where she maintained the key players of FMCG and Telecommunication industries in Indonesia. Her next journey brings her to one of the biggest Indonesian e-commerce companies where she worked as a Social Media Manager.

Ms. Florentyna-Schneider is now working in an SME yet the international operating consulting company in Bonn. She affirms that she has an urge to contribute more to her home country and that is why IndoBusiness has been born. She could facilitate the stakeholders with the fusion of her work ethics and knowledge Made in Germany, and her Indonesian local wisdom in IndoBusiness.